Merial’s “Joining Forces Against Rabies” campaign was presented with awards at both the UK’s Veterinary Marketing Association (VMA) Awards and France’s Prix Empreintes ceremonies. The VMA honored the “Joining Forces Against Rabies” campaign with the 2015 President’s Award at their annual awards ceremony in London in March 2016, the largest event of its kind for the industry in the UK. The campaign won two additional awards, the Corporate Gold Award and the 2016 Special Jury Award, on April 5th at the Prix Empreintes in Paris – a ceremony which recognizes France’s best health campaigns of the year. The Veterinary Marketing Association’s President’s Award celebrates an outstanding campaign contribution to the veterinary field and is intended to mark a notable achievement that is innovative or brave. The Special Jury Award presented at the Prix Empreintes honors the campaign which elicited the strongest emotional response.

Merial has always been at the forefront of animal health with its vaccines, and services focused on prevention. In an effort to globally eliminate rabies, Merial launched the ‘Joining Forces Against Rabies’ campaign as an initiative to empower and unite all stakeholders worldwide with the shared vision of working together to fight this fatal disease.

Merial is honored to receive these awards, especially for a campaign like 'Joining Forces Against Rabies'. They are an important recognition of the innovative approaches we are using at Merial to unite all stakeholders in the fight against rabies. Rabies is a global health concern, affecting both humans and animals and causing an estimated 160 human deaths every day (1) . These deaths could be eliminated through effective dog vaccination (2). As a leader in rabies vaccines, we believe it is our responsibility to help drive this change. It is our hope that these awards will further raise awareness around the disease and motivate all stakeholders to continue their commitment and their collaboration towards achieving a greater outcome.”

Sophie Randoux, DVM, Director of the Feline and Rabies Vaccines Franchise at Merial

Since its launch at World Rabies Day (September 28th 2015), the campaign has been deployed around the world, in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe; presented in major rabies congresses and forums; and spread through social media, with the collaboration of the veterinary community. It continues to be used to spark new partnerships with stakeholders dealing with Rabies.

Merial’s award-winning campaign, Joining Forces Against Rabies, was produced in collaboration with Havas Life Paris.  

About Rabies

Rabies is a viral disease in mammals that is most often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. The virus infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing disease in the brain and death. To prevent rabies, vaccination against rabies for pets, livestock and key wildlife species is recognized globally as the best protection against human exposure. Merial is a global leader in rabies prevention with a range of vaccines for pets, farm animals, and wildlife. Its long history in rabies prevention began with our company’s origins tied to Institute Mérieux, which developed the world’s first inactivated cell-cultured rabies vaccines. Merial rabies prevention offerings include a full range of rabies vaccines covering six animal species with both oral and injectable technologies, along with technical and service support provided to rabies prevention programs across the globe. Through its One Health partnership with Sanofi Pasteur, Merial is now the only company to offer rabies protection at all levels of transmission, in animals and humans.



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