Happier, longer, healthier lives for pets

Pets are the heart and soul of our company and of families around the world, and we're committed to helping owners and vets collaborate on integrated plans and solutions to ensure the lifelong wellbeing of these beloved companions.

30% more animal protein will be needed by 20301

...due to population growth and the rising middle class, especially in emerging markets. But annual losses due to animal diseases are more than 20%.2 Disease prevention in animals is key in helping to secure protein supply and improve food safety. Merial offers farmers and food producers a reliable partnership to help them optimize their animals’ health and productivity.

Animal health is at a crossroads

With an eye on the changing global issues that are driving our sector, Merial's attention focuses above all on one critical question: What does the world need from an animal health company?

Focused on prevention, overall health and wellness management in animals



Want to know what it's like to work for Merial? We asked some of our colleagues from Veterinary Services in the United States, Clinical Research & Development in Japan, and R&D Project Management in France to shed some light on how they came to work with us, their career paths through Merial, and their day-to-day activities. Read their Testimonials.



To celebrate World Animal Vaccination Day on April 20, we spoke to our Head of Bio R&D, Dr. Marcus Remmers, about the important role vaccines play in animal health; Merial’s history of vaccine discovery; factors driving the need for animal vaccination; and technology of future vaccines and disease prevention solutions. Read the interview here.



Press Release

The Zoonoses Anticipation & Preparedness Initiative (ZAPI), part of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) public-private partnership, has announced important progress one year into the project. The ZAPI partners focus on accelerating the delivery of vaccines and therapeutic antibodies against rapidly spreading infectious diseases. Read more about the announcement here. 


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Are you interested in joining the most passionate people in animal health? Discover Merial and explore career opportunities at our company.

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Responsible and engaged

The business of animal health is bigger than animals. It’s also about food security, epidemic control, biodiversity, urbanization and so much more. That's why at Merial we're always attuned to the impact our work can have on the wider world.

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