Animal health management Focused on prevention

From pharmaceutical drugs and biological vaccines to wellness products, Merial develops smart solutions for a range of species and animal health issues. We've pioneered many game-changers in veterinary medicine—and we're looking to our customers' needs to guide us into the future.



From familiar names like FRONTLINE® and HEARTGARD® that pet owners know and trust, to the critical vaccines that vets rely on, Merial's products are helping cats and dogs to live healthier, happier lives all around the world.

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Farm Animals

With parasiticides, vaccines, and other medicines, plus workplace tools and support, we help famers and others in the food production industry optimize the health, productivity, and wellbeing of their animals in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

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Public Health

Merial joins forces with governments and authorities on targeted solutions to preempt outbreaks of infectious diseases like rabies or foot-and-mouth that may threaten animals and communities and have major social or economic impacts.

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Did you know...

To this day, the top two sellers the animal health industry has ever produced are from Merial: our family of ivermectin-based parasticides and our FRONTLINE® flea and tick products - with literally billions of doses administered since the 1970s.

Our product portfolio

Merial's products cover the spectrum from preventive vaccines and parasiticides for every type of animal we support, to therapeutic medicines that treat key diseases in certain species. We focus on developing the best format—whether oral, topical, or injectable—and delivery mechanism for each product that maximizes not only effectiveness and safety, but also ease of administration.

Here's a selection of some of our most successful and widely distributed brands. 

For more on specific products and solutions available in your region, explore your local Merial website.

Product Availability

Please be aware that availability of our products varies across regions and countries, product brand names may vary in different markets, and all products are subject to regulatory requirements of the country of use. You should not construe anything on this website as a promotion or solicitation for any product, or its use, that is not authorized by the laws and regulations of your country of residence.

To find out about specific products and solutions available in your region, explore your local Merial website.


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