Precision in Chicken Vaccination

From developing advanced vector vaccines fine-tuned for chickens’ immune systems, to engineering highly specialized machinery for the most efficient vaccine administration, Merial is leveraging a wide spectrum of technologies to address today’s biggest poultry-farming challenges.

Health, productivity, efficiency: the pillars of the farm animal business

By 2050, 70% more food will be required to feed the world's population1. But the planet's not getting any bigger. So the meat, milk, and egg industries need efficient, sustainable ways to protect their animals' health and increase productivity to keep up with growing global demands. Merial is focused on smart strategies that will help get us there.

Animals We Support


With poultry meat and eggs rapidly becoming the world’s most in-demand protein sources, these sectors need a strategic partner for optimizing flock health and productivity. Merial’s Avian business unit offers not only a diversified portfolio of vaccines against the biggest disease threats, but also veterinary expertise, vaccination technologies, and other services to help these complex and often globalized businesses meet their growing challenges.


Livestock farmers must find new ways to optimize herd health and performance in the face of wider global disease spread, parasite resistance, and evolving regulations. With a strong legacy in preventive health, Merial provides these producers with a diverse portfolio of anti-parasitics and regionally relevant vaccines, plus innovative solutions for major economic threats like mastitis. Together, we work toward efficient, sustainable production of high-quality meat and dairy.


Pork production is on the rise worldwide, and the Swine business at Merial brings the expertise to support the industry’s growth. From China—home of nearly half the world’s pigs—to numerous smaller and emerging markets, our tried and tested vaccines and anti-parasitics target both the biggest industry-wide threats and more focused regional concerns. Offering custom-made vaccines, diagnostic tools, innovative product technologies, and more, our approach is always a customer-centric one.


Working in partnership with a sophisticated clientele of horse owners, trainers, and vets, Merial’s Equine group is passionate about the health and wellbeing of these powerful yet sensitive animals. Our portfolio covers core products against common equine parasites and infectious diseases, plus targeted solutions for joint and gut health concerns that especially affect the performance horse market—all complemented by strong veterinary support, educational programs, and digital tools.

Product Availability

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To find out about specific products and solutions available in your region, explore your local Merial website.


1. Projection by UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

2. International Office of Epizootics, Rev Sci Tech. 2002 Dec;21(3):675-87. Economic costs of the foot and mouth disease outbreak in the United Kingdom in 2001.