Our Innovative Team Rises to the Challenge

A parasite-killing molecule—derived from sea sponges! Formulating that perfect beefy flavor. Ramping up brand-new manufacturing techniques. Educating vets on the benefits. The story behind the NexGard® team.

A Tastier Way to Fight Fleas and Ticks

The challenge: Put a powerful flea and tick fighting medicine into a form no dog could resist. The solution: the first monthly flea and tick product in a tasty beef-flavored chew. Easier for owners, and fun for dogs! Dogs are eager for their monthly treat!

Fido. Fluffy. Little Trouble-maker.

Whatever you call them, we know you call them family. Pets are the heart and soul of Merial’s business, as well as of families the world over. Through products for disease prevention and management, plus educational resources and tools, we help vets and owners collaborate on wellness plans through the entire lives of these beloved companions.

Animals We Support


Fleas, ticks, and internal parasites like heartworm are the bane of the happy dog's existence. Merial produces industry leading solutions to these common and potentially dangerous pests. Vets around the world recommend and prescribe these products to their clients, along with our range of vaccines to help protect pooches against serious diseases like rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and more.


Feline family members have special health and wellness needs, so Merial's solutions are uniquely targeted. Our flea, tick, and heartworm preventives are formulated and dosed specifically for kitties' systems. We've also created the industry's only complete line of feline vaccines free of adjuvants for rabies, feline leukemia, and other common illnesses.

Did you know?

The last 20 years have seen wonderful leaps in pet life expectancy. A preventive plan that incorporates key vaccines and parasite fighters can help our animals stay healthy and active well into their golden years.

Product Availability

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To find out about specific products and solutions available in your region, explore your local Merial website.


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