How We're Organized

Find your place: Merial's global and diversified organization offers rewarding opportunities around the world.

Critical Functional Expertise

End-to-end development of innovative products requires a highly skilled and diversified network of employees. Merial's people encompass such varied functional roles as science, sales and marketing, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, customer care, and a myriad of corporate and support responsibilities. Some of these functions are more concentrated in certain regions, depending on our operational strategies, while others are represented around the world.

Merial's corporate functions are based at our headquarters in Lyon, France, with additional key divisions also in the U.S. in Duluth, Georgia.


Our science organization is led by three key R&D centers in France (Lyon) and the U.S. (Georgia and New Jersey) and supported by 10 additional R&D sites in 10 countries across all regions. Opportunities range from lab-based investigations to clinical studies to highly specialized product formulation, and much more. Innovation grounded in market realities drives every aspect of this work, which requires close collaboration with our product marketing and manufacturing teams, as well as with outside partners in academia, research institutes, and the private sector.

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Merial's manufacturing operations comprise 18 industrial sites spread across nine countries to cover every market we serve. Most facilities specialize in a particular product type and require a variety of technical roles to operate effectively. Quality is the top driver of our manufacturing teams, who ensure that production meets the rigorous safety and efficacy standards set during product development.

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With products currently registered and marketed in about 150 countries, Merial requires local product marketing, sales, and support roles in every region of the world.

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Distinct Business Units

While some functions at Merial operate across the entire company, many are dedicated to one of our several lines of business:


Merial develops both prescription and non-prescription health products for pets—some used by pet owners in the home and others administered entirely within the veterinary practice. So working in this area means answering to the needs and knowledge of both health care professionals and increasingly informed consumers, and helping unify them toward the same goal: a good life for household cats and dogs.

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Our most diversified business covers a variety of animals, breaking down into the sub-groups of Avian (chickens and other poultry); Swine (pigs); and Large Animals (cattle, sheep, and horses). The customers are primarily food-producer businesses, and just as each species has distinct health issues, so each business and sector faces very specific challenges. Developing effective veterinary medicines, primarily focused on prevention, is important, but equally so are the customized support and technology services that Merial's teams provide to these complex organizations.

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Public Health

This group is unique in that our customers are governments and public health authorities who need to control the spread of infectious animal diseases—in both domesticated and wild animals—that can threaten regional economies and even human health. Merial's vaccines play a critical role in these efforts, as do our public health experts' deep knowledge of disease spread and proficiency in designing epidemic control and mass vaccination programs.

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