It's All About the Journey

At the end of the day, everyone wants to enjoy their work. To be stimulated by learning, to connect with others, to know what they do matters. At Merial, we prioritize this journey of discovery because we know that when you start with happy employees, great work follows. So our development programs focus not only on concrete business skills, but equally on qualities like emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, and innovative thinking. We find that training in cross-cultural and cross-generational communication is critical to optimizing collaboration in a diverse global company such as ours. The result of these efforts is both personal and professional growth. Our people report high levels of on-the-job satisfaction and demonstrate a passion for their work that often extends beyond the workplace.

People live to learn, and learning doesn’t end at school! We aim to stimulate the mind with training and development programs that help our people to learn, grow, and prosper.”

Tanguy Deglise, Merial Global Head of Human Resources

A Diverse Array of Programs

We create varied, original in-house workshops and training sessions that are targeted at key business needs—not to mention fun for employees! Here are just a few examples of programs we’ve offered over the years:

  •   “Leadership Innovation” – Actionable techniques for generating workplace      innovation and creative problem-solving
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  •   “Impact through Communication” – How to use more than just words to get your  message across
  •   “Influence” – Learning to put yourself in the shoes of those around you in order     to positively influence their work
  •   “Pro Development” – Personal tools to help you identify, understand, and hone       your strengths

A Culture of Feedback and Accountability

Our emphasis on communication carries beyond formal training: it’s at the core of Merial’s culture. We encourage all employees to reach out to colleagues anywhere in the company, speak their minds freely, and help establish a collaborative environment in which everyone has a voice.

We don't believe in the standard once-a-year performance review. Instead, feedback is embedded into the way we work—whether it’s the formal “development interview discussion” that employees can request with their managers at any time, or more casual conversations about what’s working and what isn’t. At the same time, we establish structured processes and measurable milestones to help employees understand where they are and how to move to the next step. 

Discover “Your” Merial

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