Comprehensive and adaptable

The strategic geographic placement of Merial’s production sites allow us to be flexible and responsive in supplying local markets and meeting regulatory demands.

Efficiency. Cost-Effectiveness. Steadfast Quality.

Manufacturing is a reality check: How do you industrialize a product and reliably produce it in large-scale quantities? Merial’s production teams liaise closely with our R&D and business units through the entire product development process to understand requirements, prepare equipment, and troubleshoot potential problems—ensuring an intelligent approach for getting to market.


Locally Distributed

Most of Merial’s production sites for biologically-based vaccines are situated around the world, in order to provide coverage for all our customer regions. This approach enables us to respond specifically to local disease strains, as well as minimize excessive storage and transport of these highly sensitive products. 


Globally Supplied

Chemically-based pharmaceutical drugs easily allow for a global supply model. Our pharma production network comprises a few key sites, which largely specialize in particular product formats—such as injectables or oral chewables—that are then shipped around the world.

we produce

90 billion avian vaccine doses
500 million vaccine doses for other species
1.7 billion pharmaceutical product units