A global R&D community

Merial's scientists bring an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for cutting-edge ideas to a well-established global organization.

So much more than just breakthroughs

Research and development is so much more than just breakthroughs. It's a long, complex process for evolving discoveries into safe, effective solutions to the world's animal health challenges. Merial's R&D group takes an open innovation approach. We believe sharing knowledge throughout the company, and with outside partners is the best way to reach our end goal: creating value for customers.

A year of

165 product approvals in 107 countries
66 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals
4+ years Merial has consistently ranked #1 or #2 among top animal health companies for the most published patent applications globally

Our R&D divisions


Vaccines use biological substances to improve an animal's own immune system response against a disease, and the development of vaccines is a specialized, highly technical field. Merial's legacy in animal vaccine innovation is unparalleled in the industry, and our scientists continue to advance new technologies for protecting pets, farm animals, and wildlife.


Merial's scientists have deep expertise in identifying chemical molecules with potent properties against animal health conditions. Collaborating closely with others in the company, our R&D teams develop these into pharmaceutical drugs that can be delivered in the most appropriate way—oral, topical, or injectable—to meet the needs of both animals and their owners.

Rapid response, targeted solutions

It can take several years to develop and  launch a new vaccine, which must often continue to be modified as different strains of the pathogen emerge. Merial R&D is working to streamline and fine-tune the vaccine development process through advanced diagnostics, faster DNA sequencing, and better data analysis—to deliver speedier, more precise responses to unmet animal health needs.